Superior Sheet Metal Painting and Finishing

Quincy Metal Fabricators' two down draft paint booths and prep area

Quincy Metal Fabricators has two down-draft paint booths for our sheet metal painting department.  If applicable, hardware heads from PEM pieces or other features are body worked here to provde a completely smooth surface.  Next, parts are wiped down and prepped before a wash primer is applied, providing a superior finish for the paint to adhere to while preventing corrosion.

A large electrical enclosure cleaned, prepped, and ready for its first coat of paint

After, industrial-grade paints from Sherwin Williams, or other if specified, are used to guarantee a durable finish.  Clear coat is available for painted parts, or to help preserve a brushed finish for stainless or aluminum parts.  Our most popular finish is a textured finish that is incredible at hiding fingerprints, scratches, dents, or other problems during the life of the part.

An example of a typical painting texture perfect for hiding fingerprints, scratches, dings, and other imperfections throughout the parts life

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