Welding Department

Another overview photo of Quincy Metal Fabricators precision welding department

Superior Welding

Quincy Metal Fabricators is home to one of the most knowledgable and versatile welding departments in the industry.  Our specialty is lighter gauge, precision sheet metal, but we’re equipped to handle much heavier plate jobs.  Whether it’s MIG or TIG, hot/cold-rolled steel, aluminum, or stainless, our welders are more than up to the challenge.

Have a critical weld or assembly?  We’ll work with you to develop a specific welding procedure to be qualified by an AWS Certified Welding Inspector.  

Quincy Metal Fabricators can also easily remove blueing or other discoloration on stainless steel when a polished look is necessary.  No harsh chemicals or additional environmental hazards to worry about make this a simple option to add.  When combined with a ground and smoothed weld, your bare stainless pieces will look flawless.

Superior stainless steel welding shown on a countertop piece, from Quincy Metal Fabricators' welding department

Custom Stainless Countertop

Discoloration is no problem with stainless steels after a quick weld treatment, leaving a bright finish

A complex precision sheet metal cabinet assembly ready for shipment

80-Piece Electrical Cabinet

This weldment has over 80 pieces, however, easily holds +-0.020″ corner to corner, and +-0.010″ depths in the dividers

A comparison between a standard weld in a sheet of 18 gauge steel, and one that has been prepared for painting

Finished, Smooth Welds

Our welds are always clean and uniform, but we can dress any seam when an extra smooth, class-A aesthetic is needed.

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