CNC Press Brakes

CNC press brakes at Quincy Metal Fabricators, with our largest being a 12-foot wide, 230 ton Form Master

Cincinnati Form Master II Press Brakes

Quincy Metal Fabricators has five CNC press brakes, all of which operate with hydraulic cylinders for added accuracy and safety.  They also utilize servo-controlled back gauges for incredible repeatability of +-0.005″.  Our two largest brakes are 12 feet wide, and have an extra-tall 18″ shut height for deep folds, and 230 ton capacity.

A Quincy Metal employee folds a smaller piece of sheet metal on a 130 ton Cincinnati CNC press brake.

We have an enormous selection of tooling for sharp and large radius folding, offsets, hemmed and rolled edges, as well as the ability to customize or modify tooling to fit your unique application.

A few examples of some complicated precision sheet metal parts and the laser cut gauges used to check them from Quincy Metal Fabricators

From a basic fold to the most complicated assembly, Quincy Metal Fabricators can modify sheet metal flats to incorporate special features and alignment methods to save time and labor while ensuring accuracy, or quickly build external gauges to verify that part folds and profiles are within +-0.010″ or less.

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