Punch Presses

One of Quincy Metal Fabricators' 4 punch presses, a Strippit 1500 H30

Strippit 1500 H30 Hydraulic

The Strippit 1500 H30 hydraulic is just one of four punch presses available for production at Quincy Metal Fabricators.  It can accommodate sheet sizes of up to 60″ x 102″ without reclamping, and has a fully programmable stroke.  This allows us to specify the speed and position of the piston throughout every stage of the program.  The hover position can be customized to stay close to the sheet to minimize program time, or raised higher to clear formed features.  We also specify different speeds throughout each stroke for different forming requirements, or to minimize warpage in parts with over 40,000 holes.

Two of Quincy Metal Fabricator's 4 CNC punch presses, A Strippit 1500 H30 and 1250 S

Strippit 1500 H30 and 1250 S

Our CNC machines have a capacity of 30 tons, can hold up to 3.5″ diameter tooling, and hold a tolerance of +-0.004″.  Combined with hundreds of available punch, forming, and folding options, punch presses are a very quick and cost-effective alternative to lasers.

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