PEM Hardware Insertion

Three PEM hardware insertion machines in Quincy Metal Fabricators' hardware department

Quincy Metal Fabricators is a major value-added supplier for Penn Engineering Manufacturing (PEM) fasteners.  We’re experts in specifying and installing PEM hardware, having used over 600 different varieties and well over 350,000 pieces per year.  These provide strength and simplicity to sheet metal designs and make using loose fasteners and hardware seem archaic.  When pushed into the sheet metal using a special hydraulic press, knurled edges around the hardware edge grip the sheet cutout.

Various pieces of PEM hardware in a brushed aluminum part, including nuts, standard and snapping stand off's, ,zip tie mounts, and others

The end result is a piece of hardware that is inserted in seconds, precisely located, and securely mounted.  400-500 lbs of force is typically needed to force a piece of hardware out of a sheet.  Threaded studs and nuts are rated thousands of use cycles, a huge advantage from simply tapping the sheet material itself which could only last a few times.

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